Sugar Blue


Sugar Blue

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Someone once described Rosa Rosales' weaving as Healing Cloth. Perhaps it is the medicinal properties of the plant dyes, perhaps it is her own graceful self.

She designs and weaves her rebozos in collaboration with a friend who dyes the threads from locally gathered plant material. This same friend is also one of the few women who creates her own jaspe, included as the central panel in this beautiful rebozo. The jaspe panels depict traditional Maya designs: Corn Plants, Pine trees & Geometric Figures. The dyes used in this rebozo are from anil (wild indigo) and the sacatinta vine.  


  • Dimensions:  85½" L  x 20" W excluding fringe.
  • Colors: Shades of blue ranging from very dark to very light & cream 
  • Material:  100% Cotton with locally gathered plant dyes
  • Care: Hand Wash Cold. Line dry. Iron Low if needed
  • Backstrap Loom Woven, of course! 

This shawl was created by Master Maya weaver Rosa Rosales.  Click below to read more about this champion weaver!

Mayan Master Weaver Rosa Rosales from San Juan La Laguna Guatemala

Click to read more about Mayan backstrap loom master weaver partner Rosa Rosales