Pinky Pink Cotton Cowl

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Pink!  Backstrap loom woven fabric cut and sewn into a flattering and cozy warm cowl. Featuring a very groovy X-weave pattern and three large shiny Pink buttons.  The buttons can be unbuttoned to ease the cowl over your head. All the rage here at the Coop in San Juan. 

  • Size:  One Size fits all
  • Colors:  Primarily Pink, Purple, Yellow & Blue
  • Material:   All Cotton Fabric with Big Shiny Plastic Buttons
  • Care:  Handwash Cold, Line Dry, Iron Low if Needed
  • Backstrap Loom Woven

 Meet Cristina Cumes - Apparel Designer & Coordinator of Quetzalli Women's Weaving Cooperative. Click  below for more info.

Cristina Cumes, Apparel Designer and Coordinator of Women's Backstrap Loom Weaving Cooperative in San Juan La Laguna Guatemala at her sewing machine

Link to read more about Guatemalan apparel designer and coordinator of women's backstrap loom weaving cooperative, Cristina Cumes