Copy of Handspun & Handwoven Agave Fiber Shoulder Bags

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Totally Handmade from the Fibers of the Agave Plant.

These shoulder bags are made from the strong fibers of the Agave Plant in a labor intensive process.  Fibers are hand spun and then handwoven in a crochet-like weave. Thin horizontal Maroon Brown lines of dyed fiber. Adjustable shoulder strap. From personal experience I know that these shoulder bags will soften with continued use and are very durable. I put a zipper in mine and happily use it as my main purse.  3 sizes to choose from.

  • Sizes:  S: 7"x 7"    M: 8¾" x 8"    L: 11½" X 10"
  • 100% Handspun & Handwoven
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Durable
  • Care: Handwash, block dry.   

While San Juan La Laguna is known for backstrap loom weavings and natural dyes, San Pedro La Laguna is known for it's Agave rope-making tradition. And yes, agave is the same plant used to make tequila. Within the agave leaf are thousands of strong plant fibers used to make any size cord from fine yarn to thick rope.  The lengthy process includes pounding the leaves then scraping, soaking and drying the fibers.  The fiber is then spun using a small hand held whirlygig (or leg-rolled) into cordage which in turn is twisted into thicker and thicker rope.  The thinner cordage is woven into Fishing Nets, Tumplines or Shoulder Bags.

With the advent of plastic rope, Agave textiles are fast becoming a fading art. Only a handful of families in San Pablo carry on the tradition.  I hope soon to be introduced to the artisan that makes these incredible bags.