Handwoven rebozo shawl with wide indigo ikat panels natural dyes shades of deep violet and raw umber backstrap loom guatemalan textile front drape view.jpg


Handwoven Beautiful
Deep Violet & Raw Umber

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Another stunning piece from artist María Florinda Pérez

Shades of Deep Violet & Raw Umber, combined with two wide Indigo-dyed panels of ikat and thin lines of orange. The jaspe (ikat) panels depict traditional Maya designs:  corn, quetzal birds, nopal cactus and geometric shapes.

100% cotton threads are hand-dyed by the weaver using mainly native plant materials. Woven with double threads for warmth and thickness.   

All efforts have been made to accurately photograph the colors of the weavings, but they still fall (very) short of the richness of the actual colors.

  • Size:  78½" L  x 26" W excluding fringe.
  • Colors:  Mostly Deep Violet, Raw Umber and Indigo
  • Material:  100% Heavyweight Cotton
  • Care: Hand Wash Cold. Line dry. Iron Low if needed
  • Backstrap Loom Woven, of course! 

This shawl was created by master Maya weaver María Florinda Pérez Mendoza.  Click below to learn more.

Master weaver María Florinda Pérez working at her backstrap loom

Link to read more about Guatemalan Artist and Backstrap Loom Weaver María Florinda Pérez