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Rayon & Cotton Shawl of rich indigo, with traditional Maya jaspe designs of Corn with leaves. This wrap features another innovative design from our newest MayaWeavings Partner, Master Weaver Julia Francisca. The jaspe on this unique shawl is a reverse indigo. This means that the original threads of melon and golden ochre are ikat wrapped to create the space where the design isn't.  Then the whole enchilada is overdyed in the indigo. This results in the design figures being outlined in the indigo. In various places the indigo overdye creates an olive green effect.  

  • Dimensions:   78" L x 19" W excluding fringe
  • Colors:  Indigo with Cantaloupe & Goldeny Ochre
  • Material:  Rayon & Cotton
  • Care:  Hand Wash Cold.  Line Dry.  Iron Low if needed.
  • Backstrap Loom Woven
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Mayan Master Backstrap Loom Weaver Julia Francisca Cholotío Toc at home weaving for MayaWeavings

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