Pure Joy


Pure Joy

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Shimmery Summer Sky Blue with delicate overall jaspe motifs in white. This poncho is naturally dyed from the sacatinta plant.  The poncho was created by cutting in half a rayon and cotton shawl (gasp!) and then sewing the halves together to form a poncho or mañanera. No need for buttons or zippers as it slides easily over the head.  Front and back sides are reversible and have basically the same jaspe designs. By Backstrap Loom Genius Isabel Pérez - Gorgeous!

  • Poncho Dimensions: 27½" from the point of the neck "V" to the tip of the poncho and 38½" across at the widest part when flat.
  • Material:  Cotton & Silky Rayon
  • Colors:  Light Sky Blue with White Jaspe naturally dyed from sacatinta
  • Care:  Hand wash Cold. Line dry. Iron Low if needed.
  • Backstrap Loom Woven

This poncho was created by Master Maya Weaver, Isabel Pérez Mendoza.
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Mayan Backstrap Loom Master Weaver Isabel Pérez Mendoza at her loom smiling

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