Magenta Magenta


Magenta Magenta

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Electrified Magenta Shawl in softest rayon and cotton combining skip weave and twisty weave.  The shimmer comes from using two tones of pink thread. Beautifully woven by Master Weaver Partner Juana Cholotío.

  • Shawl Dimensions:  71½" L x 20" W excluding fringe
  • Colors:  Magenta
  • Material:  Silky Rayon and Cotton
  • Care:  Hand wash cold.  Line Dry.  Iron Low if needed
  • Backstrap Loom Woven
Meet Juana Cholotío. She's at home with her newest bebé so until she's ready, we have to wait to interview her.

Master Mayan backstrap loom weaver from San Juan La Laguna guatemala, Juana Cholotío

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