Backstrap loom woven poncho in offset twisty weave of purple hyacinth and blue grape. Guatemalan textile. Front view.


Perfectly Pretty Poncho

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Rows & rows of offset twisty weave make up this unusual wrap. All cotton threads in complementary colors of Purple Hyacinth and Blue Grapes.  Backstrap loom woven into a single long shawl, then cut and sewn to create a flowing closed wrap.  Slides over the head and lays between the shoulder and neck. Very comfortable.


  • Shawl Size:  28" from the point of the neck "V" to the tip of the poncho and 34" across when flat.
  • Colors:  Blue Grapes & Purple Hyacinth
  • Material:  100%  Cotton
  • Care:  Hand Wash Cold.  Line dry.  Iron Low if needed
  • Backstrap Loom Woven, of course!

This shawl was created by Maya weaver Telma Cotuc and her mamá Elena Pérez. As is sometimes the case within a family of weavers the warping of the loom, the weaving and the finishing of the fringe may be a co-creation. Telma and her mother are members of the women's weaving cooperative Pujul Batz, a few shops down the hill from the Quetzalli cooperative. 

Backstrap Loom Weaver Telma Cotuc working on a traditional San Juan huipil