Upcycled Brocade Shoulder Bag 2

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These cheerful soft side shoulder bags are an anytime/anywhere purse.  Handwoven.

Created from a vintage backstrap loom woven huipil, this Shoulder Bag features intricate brocade designs of flowers and ziggy zaggy Maya symbols.  Decked out in a rainbow of colors.

Navy Blue fabric on the back is sewn from an upcycled corte and has a large zippered pocket. Adjustable shoulder strap from the same fabric. Three tiny little dangly fluffy pom-pom thingies complete the look!

  • Size:  9 ¼" W x 9 ⅞" L
  • Outside Material:  100% Cotton
  • Lining:  Black Nylon
  • 1 main zipper and 1 zippered pocket
  • Care:  Hand wash Cold. Line Dry. Iron Low if needed.
Meet Cristina Cumes - Designer Extraordinaire.  Click below for more info.

Cristina Cumes, Guatemalan Apparel designer and Coordinator of Women's Weaving Cooperative sewing an apron from a backstrap loom weaving

Link to read more about Guatemalan apparel designer and coordinator of women's backstrap loom weaving cooperative, Cristina Cumes