Handwoven silk and cotton shawl with 8 panels of ikat. Cornflower blue fading to sea glass green. Backstrap loom woven Guatemalan textile. Front cross view



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Masterfully Designed
Masterfully Dyed
Masterfully Woven

Graceful rayon and cotton handwoven shawl in soft cornflower blue and sea glass green. Backstrap loom woven with traditional Maya jaspe designs of corn plants, hearts and geometric shapes.  

A compliment to your wardrobe - from jeans to evening wear. 

  • Shawl Dimensions:  75" L x 19" W excluding fringe
  • Colors:  Sea Glass Green shifting to Cornflower Blue.  Or the other way around. with white ikat (jaspe) motifs
  • Material: Rayon and Cotton
  • Care:  Hand wash cold.  Line Dry.  Iron Low if needed
  • Backstrap Loom Woven
Meet Sonia Antonieta Cholotío. Click the link below for more info.

Master weaver Sonia Antonieta Cholotío sitting at her backstrap loom

Link to read more about Guatemalan Artist and Backstrap Loom Weaver Sonia Antonieta Cholotío